Visit Iran

Point of Entry

The common way that the tourists enter our country is through international flights. Nearly all of the big cities in Iran have an international airport, but most of the flights for European countries land in Imam Khomeini International Ariport (IKIA) in Tehran. Iran’s airlines contributing to international flight routs are IranAir (Homa) Airline, Mahan Airline, Qeshm Airline, and Aseman Airline. Many international airlines such are Lufthansa, Turkish Airline, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airline, Atlasjet, and Austrian Airline have frequent flight to and from IKIA too, taking passengers to European countries.

Other points are also available such as land, where you can enter Iran by your car, couch, or train from specific borders around the country (mostly at east & northeast), and sea ,which is less common, by certain ports in the south of the country host a number of passenger ships around the year.

Travel Around Iran

Traveling around Iran is easy and economical. All the number one tourists’ destinations around country such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, etc. have domestic flights from Tehran, Mashhad, or other big cities almost everyday, maybe more than one flight in a day. Booking a domestic flight is easy, economical, and also efficient if you are short on time. All you need to have to book a flight is your passport.
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Other means are also available. Cars, coaches, and trains ranging from economical to luxury classes are available for you to travel around Iran.
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When visiting a city in Iran, there are a number of ways for commuting around the town. Car rental services, taxi, van, bus, and minibus are available in every city and can take you to wherever you want in no time. In bigger cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, and soon Isfahan and Tabriz, LRT (subway or metro) is available for commuting around the city and you can use it if you don’t like spending time in traffic jams.
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Stay Connected

There are three main phone companies in Iran offering full coverage and high speed internet connectivity for you to access social media, messenger, Email, and other online services. Upon arrival to Iran and checking into your hotel, ask hotel receptionist how to get a SIM for your smart phone. They’ll help you out.
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Landmarks & Events

Traveling to a country involves visiting historical and natural landmarks and going to events in that country. That is the main purpose of traveling to Iran for almost all of the tourists. There are many ways for you the tourist to know more about the landmarks and events in/near the location they are visiting. The easiest one is, of course, Google Map (for landmarks), that have most of the locations on the map, and with high speed internet coverage in the country, you can easily access them from you smartphones. Local guides, hotel tour leaders, brochures, apps, social media, and local websites on the internet can help you find all the places and events around.
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Maybe a relative, friend, and loved ones expect you to bring home with you a souvenir. Trust me, you have a very wide option on what to choose for them. Every region in Iran have its own unique thing you can get as souvenir. It could be a hand made leather bag, a traditional cloth, hand crafted Khatam vase, pottery, or maybe a Persian carpet. Other choices such as dried nuts & fruits (especially pistachio), spices (especially saffron), rose water, and many more are available as well.
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A fun side of traveling to another country is entertainment. In Iran, there are various options for you in different cities. Zoo, amusement parks, water parks, and museums are recreations you can enjoy while staying in the town. Other recreations such as skying in various sky resorts around the country, or having fun in water recreational facilities in beaches of north and south (Kish & Qeshm Island) are also great. Shopping is also an inseparable part of visiting big cities in Iran.
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